Keith Burroughs

Web Director

Norman Smith Enterprises INC

Hi, I’m Keith! We had an amazing time @ The 2019 Philadelphia Gift Show.

The Norman Smith Booth

About Norman Smith Enterprises

Norman Smith Enterprises, Inc. has been direct importing floral and home décor products from around the world for over 25 years. Our company has a wide variety of competitively priced items to choose from for everyday use as well as seasonal products.
We carry a large selection of the following:

Floral Supplies




Wedding Supplies

Utility Supplies

Stems | Picks | Bushes

The Highlights

Great Crowd = Great Energy !!

Norman Smith Enterprises participate in this gift trade show twice a year. I thought it would be good to note that this was my first time at a trade show and I loved the energy. The vendors are friendly and so were the guest.

Come Touch and Test Out Our Product Line

The best part of the whole ordeal for me was having some of my new customers come down and ample the products. You can touch the items, feel them in your hand, visualize what projects they would compliment. 

All Hands On Deck!

From the owners Gary and Alan, to the sales staff Robin and Mike, even down to the web development team, We all worked together to create an overall appealing experience for our customers. (If you didn’t realize by now… WE <3 <3 our Customers!)

2019 Spring Catalog is Here

Shop Norman Smith Enterprises 24 | 7 on our website. You can also prebook an order for the next season by clicking here. Remember if you need to order glass or ceramics, it would need to be apart of our palette program because we can not ship glass products via UPS. (local deliveries there’s an exception) 

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