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Keith Burroughs

Keith Burroughs

Senior Brand Director

Norman Smith Enterprises were incredibly honored to be a sponsor at this years Design Sanctuary Expo in Elkton, Maryland. Spearheaded by Susan Davis, the event featured florist from all over the world coming together to learn technique, and design from top florist. This was a classy upscale event that took place on the beautiful Rosewood Farm in Maryland. Some of our containers are used below.

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“Norman Smith Enterprises are strong supporters of creative, educational Platforms like Design Sanctuary.”

Gary and Alan Buckley Owners Norman Smith Enterprises

Norman Smith Enterprises has been your import connection for over 40 years bringing the savings directly to our customers. Whether you are using ceramic containers, glass vases, or plastic loomi dishes Norman Smith Enterprises prices won’t be beat. We have everyday utility products on sale. These are products that all florist use on a daily basis at reduced prices. to view our product line of everyday utilities click here.

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